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Is seeing a regular movie at an IMAX theater worth it?

Like, for example, Harry Potter is playing at the Jordan's Furniture IMAX theater just outside of Boston. Why does a furniture store have an IMAX theater, you ask? What else are they going to spend their Gazillion dollars of profits on?Anyway, I've been to the Sony IMAX in New York, and the OMNIMAX at the Museum of Science, so I know what the deal is with the theaters, but those shows were all films designed specifically for that format.Is seeing a Hollywood blockbuster quality film better in an IMAX theater then a well set up, large theater*?* Boston area Arsians, I really like the Randolph theater. Their screens are big, sound systems excellent, and their biggest screens are two stories UNDERGROUND. (Can you say "no cell phone reception"?) I'm willing to drive an extra 15 minutes to go there then a theater in the city.

Please help.

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